Chienworks* banner advertising is an economical way to get your message known. Many areas of the Chienworks* web server feature an ad frame at the bottom of the screen. Every 45 seconds, a new advertisement will be shown to any surfers browsing these areas. Simply clicking on the advertisement opens a new browser window and takes the user to your page!

Special Introductory Rates!!!
For a limited time, you may place your banner ad in this space for $2 per month or $20 per year!

Banner advertisements should be .jpg or .gif files (animated gifs are welcome, but keep them under 50K or they will not load in time to be seen). Nominally, they are 400 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. They should have a self contained border that can be effectively shown against any color background.

Let Chienworks* design your banner ad for you! We can provide complete graphics services for you for a modest $50 per ad ($100 for an animated ad). Our staff has over 20 years of creative computer graphics experience.

Write to for more information or to start your advertising account with us.

Chienworks* reserves the right to refuse any advertising that may be offensive, immoral, or illegal.

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